Collège de France Initiative

The France Chicago Center has played a vital role in the development of a successful, growing, multi-faceted, and increasingly productive partnership between The University of Chicago and the Collège de France. Since 2007, FCC has overseen efforts in these areas with the following results:

  • Faculty Exchange: The University of Chicago has hosted 32 scholars from the Collège de France for weeklong visits while sending 10 of its own faculty members to the Collège de France for periods of time ranging from one week to an entire year.
  • Student Mobility: The College de France has hosted 13 UChicago PhD students for periods of time ranging from 3 months to a year. They have also hosted 15 UChicago undergraduate neuroscience majors who conducted summer internship in Collège de France-affiliated laboratories.
  • Joint Research: Research teams involving researchers and PIs from UChicago and the Collège de France have been awarded over $150,000 in seed funding in support of early-stage work through the FACCTS Program.
  • Translation & Publication: Through a partnership with the University of Chicago Press, the France Chicago Center has supported the English-language translation of 4 major works by import thinkers from France who were affiliated with the Collège de France.

Summary of the Initiative

Scholars from the Collège de France visited

UChicago scholars visited the Collège de France

UChicago PhD students were hosted by the Collège de France

Undergraduate neuroscience majors were sent for summer internships

dollars have been awarded to Collège de France PIs through the FACCTS Program

works from thinkers affiliated with the Collège de France were translated into English