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Hosting Weeklong Visits by Collège de France Faculty Members

Each year, the France Chicago Center facilitates weeklong visits to our Chicago campus by 2 or 3 faculty members from Collège de France. Through an MOU that governs these visits, lectures given in Chicago are designated enseignement à l’étranger by the Collège de France and as such appear in the Collège de France course calalogue and count against the visitor’s teaching load. University of Chicago faculty members in all disciplines who are interested in hosting one of the 55 Collège de France faculty members (chaires statutaires) listed on this page during the 2025-26 academic year are invited to review the proposed financial and logistic terms outlined on this page. Candidacies for potential Collège de France visitors who have faculty hosts and who enjoy forms of departmental support may be submitted either through the form linked below or conveyed via email to Dan Bertsche (fcc@uchicago.edu). The deadline is January 10, 2025.



Travel Allowance for UChicago Faculty Lecturing at the Collège de France

University of Chicago faculty members who have been invited to lecture at the Collège de France and who will be stay in Paris for at least four days are eligible for travel support of up to $1500 from the France Chicago Center. Contact Dan Bertsche (fcc@uchicago.edu) for more details.