Collège de France Initiative

Student Mobility

“It is not an exaggeration to say that my Paris year has been the most edifying year of my graduate school career. My approach to the classics and to the history of religions has taken unexpected turns, particularly in regards to how I frame the questions and arguments of my dissertation and the theoretical apparatus that I bring to ancient material. This is a consequence not only of the opportunities afforded to me through lectures at the Collège de France but also as a result of auditing certain courses in sociology and historiography at the EPHE and the EHESS. Indeed, my time has been so rewarding that I will use a dissertation completion fellowship to remain in Paris next year to round out my graduate career. There is no doubt that I will continue to maintain and strengthen the valuable personal, professional, and institutional relationships that I have cultivated during my year at the Collège de France.” 

– Kenneth Yu, Collège de France Research Fellow, 2015-16

PhD Student in the Humanities and Social Sciences

YearNameDepartmentFCC Award Amount
2019Charlotte RobertsonHistory$26 000
2019Ji GaoRLL$25 000
2018Emily RapHistory$26 000
2017Jacqueline VictorRLL$26 000
2017Mathew VanderpoelDivinity School$13 000
2016Ken YuPhilosophy; Divinity $26 000
2016Rachel KyneEnglish$18 000

PhD Students in the Sciences

YearNameDepartmentFCC Award Amount
2020Xiao SunStem Cell Biology$6 000
2019Olivier MartinMathematics$12 000
2018Jacob CooperEvolutionary Biology$12 000
2017Boxuan ZhaoChemistry$7 000
2016Simion FilipMathematics$6 000

Undergraduate Neuroscience Internships

YearStudents's NameHead of Host LaboratoryFCC Award Amount
2023Asaf LebovicFekrije Selimi$6,000
2023Eliza WienerLaurent Venance$6,000
2023Dana SilvianIsabelle Brunet$6,000
2022David ZhuFekrije Selimi$6,000
2022Uma ManiAlain Prochiantz$6,000
2022Tessel VeldhoenIsabelle Brunet$6,000
2019Katherine GreenLaurent Venance$6,000
2019Amani FawazNathalie Rouache$6,000
2019Dhiraj PatelVirginie Monceau$6,000
2019Riley TrettelAlain Prochiantz$6,000
2018Harini ShahFekrije Selimi$6,000
2018Camelia MalkamiAlain Prochiantz$6,000
2018Sarah FinemanNathalie Rouache$6,000
2018Tanvi LahhtakiaAlexander Fleischmann$6,000
2018Marina WeinbergerLaurent Venance Lab$6,000
2018Denisse Morales-RodriguezIsabelle Brunet$6,000