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France And Chicago Collaborating in The Sciences 

France and Chicago Collaborating in the Sciences (FACCTS)* is designed to enhance science at the University of Chicago by encouraging closer relations between researchers in the Physical Sciences Division (PSD), The Biological Sciences Division (BSD), and the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) and high-level research teams and institutions of higher education in France. The FACCTS program accomplishes this goal by providing seed funding for new and potentially fruitful project-based collaborations. Through a partnership with Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab, researchers at these two national laboratories are also eligible for FACCTS support, and are encouraged to apply.

Deadlines and Key Dates (2021 Funding Cycle) 

  • September 14, 2020: FACCTS application becomes live
  • October 14, 2020 (at 11:59 pm CST): Deadline for Argonne-based researchers to submit (1-page) preproposal
  • November 2, 2020: Responses sent to all Argonne-based researchers who submitted pre-proposals. (Up to five Argonne-based researchers will be invited to submit a full application.)
  • December 14, 2020 (at 11:59 pm CST): Deadline for FACCTS proposals from UChicago, Fermilab, and Argonne National Laboratory applicants
  • March 15, 2021: Notification given to all applicants
  • April, 2021: Funds become available to award recipients

Past Projects Funded

Since the inception of the FACCTS Program in 2008, seed funding totaling over $2,000,000 has been disbursed to support more than 138 different research projects undertaken collaboratively by scientists from the Chicago (UChicago, Argonne National Laboratory, Fermilab) and France. Below are highlights and a search-able spreadsheet with information on all projects supports through the FACCTS program.

ANL-based awards, total of $340,224

Fermilab-based awards, total of $91,160

Biological Sciences Division awards, total of $810,110

Physical Sciences Division awards, total of $907,422

Institute of Molecular Engineering awards, total of $100,000

Total Campus-based awards, total of $1,817,532

National Lab-based awards, total of $431,384

All FACCTS awards since 2008, total of $2,248,916

Project Title Chicago P.I Department Lab or Division Key Individual in France Institution in France Amount of Award Year
Reconfigurable Optical Matter Materials and Driven Optofluidics Norbert Scherer Chemistry PSD Delphine Coursault University of Bordeaux $20,000 2020
Long Time Asymptotics and the Soliton Resolution Conjecture for Nonlinear Wave and Dispersive Models Carlos Kenig Mathematics PSD Frank Merle University of Cergy-Pontoise, IHES $20,000 2020
Causality in Fundamental Physics Clay Cordova Physics PSD Eric Perlmutter IPhT Saclay $20,000 2020
Causality in Fundamental Physics Clay Cordova Physics PSD Eric Perlmutter IPhT Saclay $5,000 2020
A Novel Method to Detect Dark Matter and Neutrinos Paolo Privitera Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD Antoine Letessier-Selvon LPNHE $17,600 2020
Water Vapor and Ice Clouds over the Asian Monsoon Elisabeth Moyer Geophysical Sciences PSD Sergey Khaykin UVSQ, LATMOS $4,000 2020
ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Upgrade Mark Oreglia Physics PSD David Calvet Universit_ de Blaise Pascal $20,000 2020
Evolution-based Engineering of Protein Function Rama Ranganathan Biochemistry & Molecular Biology BSD Olivier Rivoire $15,000 2020
Metabolism-mediated Regulation of Gene Expression in Male Germ Cell Development and Cancer Yingming Zhao Cancer Research BSD Saadi Khochbin CNRS, INSERM, Grenoble-Alps University $20,000 2020
Dynamic Control of Force Generation in Early Ascidian Embryos Edwin Munro Cell & Molecular Biology BSD Patrick Lemaire CRBM, Montpellier $19,000 2020
Actin Cytoskeleton Self-Organization In Confined Reaction Volumes David Kovar Cell & Molecular Biology BSD Laurent Blanchoin CEA Grenoble $24,300 2020
Protein-Protein Recognition and Synatogenesis Benoit Roux Biochemistry & Molecular Biology BSD Christophe Chipot Universit_ de Lorraine, INC $20,000 2020
Distribution and Genomic Variation of Wolbachia Mobile Genetic Elements in Natural Mosquito Populations Worldwide A. Murat Eren Medicine, Committee on Microbiology BSD Julie Reveillaud Montpellier University, INRA $16,000 2020
ILLINOIS: Thermotropic Ionic Liquid Crystal: Encoding Dimensionality-Controlled & Nanoconfined Ionic Transport Paul Nealey Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering PME Patrice Rannou CNRS, Alps-Grenoble University $20,000 2020
Quantum Device Simulator Martin Suchara Computational Science ANL Cyril Allouche ATOS $40,000 2020
Straight out of the Asteroid Belt to the Inelastic Lines at the Advanced Photon Source Ercan Alp X-Ray Science Division ANL Mathieu Roskosz $40,000 2020
SiPM Technology in Liquid Argon High Voltage System Flavio Cavanna Neutrino Science Fermilab Dominique Duchesneau IN2P3, LAPP $17,000 2020
A genetic scan to dissect climate adaptation in phytopathogenic bacteria Joy Bergelson Ecology & Evolution BSD Fabrice Roux CNRS (Toulouse) $20,000 2019
Systems analysis of plant defenses promoted by endogenous bioactive metabolites Jean Greenberg Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology BSD Claire Parent CNRS, Universit_ de Franche-Comt_ $20,000 2019
Biodiversity, Conservation and Evolution of Coral Reef Fishes in French Polynesia Mark Westneat Organismal Biology & Anatomy BSD Serge Planes CNRS,, Universit_ de Perpignan $21,900 2019
Rapid phylogenomic placement of microbial genomes from metagenomes A. Murat Eren Medicine, Committee on Microbiology BSD Damien Eveillard Universit_ de Nantes $9,500 2019
Exploring new Dark Matter scenarios with Xenon-based Detectors Luca Grandi Physics PSD Luca Scotto Lavina Laboratoire LPNHE, CNRS/IN2P3 (Paris) $14,818 2019
Active Chiral Fluids William Irvine Physics PSD Denis Bartolo ENS (Lyon) $20,000 2019
Boosting discoveries at the LHC with Lund jet plane measurements and machine learning David Miller Physics PSD Reina Camacho Toro CNRS, CERN $21,000 2019
Collaborative studies of mineral and melt properties in Earth's core and core-mantle boundary Andrew Campbell Geophysical Sciences PSD Razvan Caracas CNRS, ENS (Lyon) $12,100 2019
Tropical mathematics of deep learning Lek-Heng Lim Statistics PSD St_phane Gaubert $20,000 2019
Improving Prospects for CMB Science by Strengthening the SPT-Planck Connection Thomas Crawford Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD Silvia Galli Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, Planck DPC $15,000 2019
Analyzing Immune Cell Migration Dynamics at the Scale of the Whole Organism in Mice Nicolas Chevrier IME IME Walczak Aleksandra ENS (Paris), CNRS, Laboratoire de Physique Th_orique $22,000 2019
Quantum Monte Carlo Studies of Charge Density Waves in an External Magnetic Field Peter Littlewood IME, James Franck Institute IME George Batrouni $18,000 2019
An Additive Manufacturing Approach to On-demand Single Photon Sources and Quantum Networks Gary Wiederrecht Nanoscience & Technology Division ANL Renaud Bachelot University of Technology (Troyes) $24,000 2019
In situ recrystallization study of polycrystalline materials by total scattering Peter Kenesei Argonne National Laboratory ANL Andras Borbely Ecole des Mines (Saint-Etienne) $19,980 2019
Connecting the beam dynamics code TRACEWIN to the PIP-II Injector Test at Fermilab. Jean-Paul Carneiro Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory Fermilab Didier Uriot CEA-Saclay $15,160 2019
Conormal and Arc Spaces in the Deformation Theory of Singularities Antoni Rangachev Mathematics PSD Bernard Teissier Institut Mathematique de Jussieu $23,200 2018
Broadband Higher-Order Mode-Based Beam Diagnostics at IOTA/FAST Daniel Broemmelsiek IOTA/FAST Fermilab Olivier Napoly CEA Saclay $15,000 2018
Negative Capacitance in Ferroelectric Nanostructures Saidur Bakaul Material Science ANL Wilfrid Prellier CNRS, Caen $40,000 2018
Binomial Checkpointing for Machine Learning Paul Hovland Computer Science ANL Guillaume Aupy INRIA Bordeaux $15,000 2018
Statistical Data Fusion for Large Heterogeneous Datasets Julie Bessec Computational Statistis ANL Philippe Naveau LSCE, CNRS $20,000 2018
Hybrid Quantum Many-Body Light-Matter Systems: From Theory to Quantum Simulation Aashish Clerk IME IME Marco Schiro CEA Saclay $20,000 2018
Laser-Driven Experiments of Compressible Magnetized Turbulence Petros Tzeferacos Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD Alexis Casner University of Bordeaux $20,000 2018
Joint Research on the Novel Quantum Materials in the Gaseous Phase Cheng Chin Pysics, James Franck Institute PSD Jean Dalibard $24,000 2018
Discovering Common Principles for Biological Prediction Stephanie Palmer Organismal Biology & Anatomy BSD Thierry Mora Ecole Normale Sup_rieure $20,000 2018
Random Monoallelic Inactivation and Human Autosomal Dominant Diseases* Marcelo Nobrega Human Genetics BSD Edith Heard $15,000 2018
A Novel Collaborative Approach to Studying Parasite Invasion Aaron Turkewitz Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology BSD Maryse Lebrun Universit_ de Montpellier $14,200 2018
Hard X-ray Window on Ultrafast Charge Transfer in the Liquid Phase Linda Young Physics PSD Marc Simon Universit_ Pierre et Marie Curie & Sorbonne Universit_s $20,850 2018
Climate Calculations to Identify the Best Target Planets to Search for Life in the Next Two Years* Dorian Abbot Geophysical Sciences PSD Institut Pierre Simon Laplace $16,000 2018
Structural and Biochemical Characterization of RomR, a Regulator of Bacterial Cell Motility Sean Crosson Biochemistry & Molecular Biology BSD Institut de Microbiologie de M_diterran_e Aix-Marseille University $17,750 2018
Coherent x-ray studies of phase transitions in the complex oxides Dillon Fong Materials Science Division ANL Hubert Renevier SUBATECH, Nantes, IN2P3, CNRS $20,000 2017
Scalable data movement for data-centric supercomputing Venkatram Vishnwanath Leadership Computing Facility ANL Emmanuel Jeannot INRIA Bordeaux $20,000 2017
Novel hybrid simulation methods for the modeling of the protein assemblies in the respiratory chain Benoit Roux Biochemistry, Molecular Biology BSD Chris Chipot CNRS, Universit_ de Lorraine $20,000 2017
Exploring adaptive responses to pH variability in the face of ocean acidification Catherine Pfister Ecology & Evolution BSD Jean-Pierre Gattuso CNRS $24,900 2017
Testing how eye movements affect the neural code for natural motion Jason MacLean Neurobiology BSD Olivier Marre Universit_ Pierre et Marie Curie $15,000 2017
Evolution of resistance genes in plants Joy Bergelson Ecology & Evolution BSD Fabrice Roux CNRS, INRA $10,160 2017
Harnessing space and time in the transmission dynamics of vector-transmitted infections Mercedes Pascual Ecology & Evolution BSD Richard Paul Institut Pasteur $16,000 2017
Dark matter and satellite galaxies in the era of LSST Alex Drlica-Wagner Particle Astrophysics Fermilab Johann Cohen-Tanugi Universit_ de Montpellier, CNRS $15,000 2017
Heterogeneous models with propagation on networks Andrei Tarfulea Mathematics PSD Jean-Michel Roquejoffre Universit_ Paul Sabatier Toulouse $9,740 2017
Black holes in string theory Emil Martinec Physics, Enrico Fermi Institute PSD Iosif Bena CEA Saclay $20,000 2017
Investigating filopodia formation through an interdisciplinary approach Gregory Voth Chemistry PSD Patricia Bassereau Institut Curie $16,400 2017
Magnetic sponges John Anderson Chemistry PSD Jeon Ie-Rang Universit_ de Rennes $15,000 2017
Development of a kg-size dark matter detector based on the CCD technology Paolo Privitera Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD Mariangela Settimo IN2P3 / CNRS $7,200 2017
Multiscale matrix decompositions for machine learning Risi Kondor Computer Science PSD R_mi Gribonval INRIA Rennes $12,000 2017
Active chiral fluids William Irvine Physics PSD Denis Bartolo ENS Lyon $20,000 2017
Hybrid silicon nanolasers Chad Husko Center for Nanoscale Materials ANL Xavier Checoury Universit_ Paris-Sud $40,000 2016
Notch and Tcf-1 signaling: Do they cooperate in the generation of innate lymphocytes? Fotini Gounari Medicine, Rheumatology BSD Rachel Golub Universit_ de Paris 7 $15,000 2016
Investigating neural mechanisms for sensing body movement Melina Hale Organismal Biology & Anatomy BSD Claire Wyart Universit_ Pierre et Marie-Curie $24,000 2016
N6-methyladenosine RNA modification and cancer stem cells Tao Pan Biochemistry & Molecular Biology BSD Alexandre David Institut de G_nomique Fonctionnelle $17,000 2016
Assembly, characterization and data analysis of the most massive CCD array ever built Yann Guardincerri Particle Physics Division Fermilab Antoine Letessier- Selvon Universit_s de Paris VI & VII $14,000 2016
Self-organization of gold nanoparticles by smectic topological defects, for the emergence of new opt Juan De Pablo Institute for Molecular Engineering IME Emmanuelle Lacaze Universit_ Pierre et Marie Curie $20,000 2016
Towards a unified, robust space-time model of application resilience Andrew Chien Computer Science PSD Yves Robert Ecole Normale Superiere Lyon $16,000 2016
GRAND CHENE: new high energy neutrino observatories Angela Olinto Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD Kumiko Kotera Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris $16,000 2016
From Serre's conjectures to a p-adic local Langlands program Bao Le Hung Mathematics PSD Laurent Fargues Universit_ de Paris VI Jussieu $12,000 2016
Mapping spatio-temporal dynamics of NO production in caveolae in live cells Yamuna Krishnan Chemistry PSD Christophe Lamaze $20,000 2016
Clues on terrestrial core formation from tin nuclear resonant analysis using inelastic X-ray scattering Esen Alp, Michael Hu X-Ray Science Division ANL Mathieu Roskosz, Caroline Fitoussi Universit_ de Lille, CNRS, ENS Lyon $32,644 2015
Development of a generic computational/ experimental approach to discover new metabolic pathways Christopher Henry Computation Institute BSD Matthieu Jules Micalis Institute, INRA Jouy-en-Josas $15,000 2015
Micropatterning of actin cytoskeleton competition David Kovar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology BSD Alph_e Michelot CNRS, Universit_ de Grenoble $14,800 2015
Optogenetic analysis of cell division and tissue morphogenesis Michael Glotzer Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology BSD Thomas Lecuit IBDM, CNRS, Universit_ d'Aix-Marseille $20,000 2015
Dynamic spatiotemporal brain analyses using high-performance electrical neuroimaging Stephanie Cacioppo Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience BSD Paolo Bartolomeo INSERM $7,500 2015
R&D on giant double-phase liquid argon time projection chamber detectors for future neutrino experiments Giulia Brunetti Neutrino Division Fermilab Dario Autiero Institut de Physique Nucleaire Lyon $15,000 2015
Aaron Silberstein Mathematics PSD Pierre Lochak Universit_ de Paris VI Jussieu $12,000 2015
Architectures and dynamical evolution of observed planetary systems Daniel Fabrycky Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD Jacques Laskar CNRS, ASD, Observatoire de Paris, IMCCE $8,450 2015
Dark matter detection with noble liquids: study of light and charge production mechanisms at low-energy Luca Grandi Physics PSD Davide Franco APC Paris, CNRS $12,250 2015
DAMIC: A novel dark matter experiment Paolo Privitera Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD Antoine Letessier-Selvon IN2P3, CNRS, Universit_s de Paris VI & VII $17,000 2015
Tracer applications of noble gas radionuclides to hydrological systems in the Paris basin Reika Yokochi Geophysical Sciences PSD Bernard Marty Ecole Nationale Sup_rieure de G_ologie, CNRS $18,000 2015
Evaluation of fuel displacement potential of advanced vehicles through electrification Aymeric Rousseau Energy System Division ANL IFP Energies Nouvelles $20,000 2014
Multi-scale modeling study of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon oxidationn Stephen Klippenstein Chemical Sciences & Engineering ANL Andr_ Nicolle IFP Energies Nouvelles $8,600 2014
Predicting the thermodynamics of protein association with a computational microcalorimeter Biochemistry & Molecular Biology BSD Christophe Chipot Universit_ de Lorraine $16,000 2014
Generating virtual textures to understand tactile perception Slimane Bensmaia Organismal Biology & Anatomy BSD Vincent Hayward Universit_ Pierre et Marie Curie $16,000 2014
Spectral characterization of ecological networks Stefano Allesina Ecology & Evolution BSD Elisa Th_bault Institute of Ecology Paris, CNRS $8,000 2014
Mechanisms of diastolic dysfunction in sickle cell disease Victor Mor-Avi, Amit Patel Medicine BSD Nadjia Kachenoura INSERM $7,000 2014
Dark matter detection with Argon: Study of light and charge production mechanisms at low-energy Luca Grandi Physics PSD Davide Franco APC Paris, CNRS $15,000 2014
Protein-mediated remodeling of biological membranes Gergory Voth Chemistry PSD Patricia Bassereau Institut Curie $8,000 2014
Inexpensive multi-channel psec-resolution digitizers for particle physics and medical imaging Henry Frisch Physics PSD Maxim Titov CEA Saclay $8,000 2014
Geometry and string theory Savdeep Sethi Physics PSD Ruben Minasian CEA Saclay $16,000 2014
Probing efficient cosmic-ray acceleration in young supernovae using the Cherenkov telescope array Vikram Dwarkadas Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD Matthieu Renaud CNRS, Universit_ de Montpellier 2 $8,000 2014
Integrated multiscale model of biological formation John Reinitz Statistics, Ecology & Evolution, Molecular Genetics PSD, BSD Ovidiu Radulescu University of Montpellier 2 $15,000 2014
Pathogen-host interactions during attachment of coxiella to human cells Howard Shuman Infectious Disease BSD Matteo Bonazzi UMR 5236, CNRS $10,000 2013
Microtubule function in cellular quiescence Mohan Gupta Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology BSD Isabelle Sagot CNRS, Universit_ de Bordeaux $16,000 2013
Efficacy assessment of folinic acid and thyroid hormone systematic treatment on the psychomotor development of young children with Down Syndrome Peter Smith Pediatrics BSD Franck Sturtz $10,000 2013
Cancer and translation: crosstalk between signaling pathways Tao Pan Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology BSD Alexandre David Institut de G_nomique Fonctionnelle $5,000 2013
Mapping the direction selective circuit in the retina Wei Wei Neurobiology BSD Deniz Dalkara Institut de la Vision $4,000 2013
International collaboration on isotopic studies of ice clouds Elisabeth Moyer Geophysical Sciences PSD Bernard Legras Laboratoire de M_t_orologie Dynamique $15,000 2013
Calibration and applications of isotope fractionation of zoned minerals in terrestrial and extra-terrestrial material Frank Richter Geophysical Sciences PSD Marc Chaussidon Centre de Recherches P_trographiques et G_ochimiques, Nancy, CNRS $9,000 2013
Protein-mediated remodeling of biological membranes Gregory Voth Chemistry PSD Patricia Bassereau Institut Curie $12,000 2013
Interacting particle methods for enhanced sampling of molecular systems Jonathan Weare Mathematics PSD Tony Lelievre Ecole des Ponts $12,000 2013
Mechanics of active polymer networks Margaret Gardel Physics PSD Martin Lenz UMR 8626, Universit_ Paris-Sud, CNRS $13,000 2013
Collaborative tool development for adjoining MPI codes Paul Hovland Computation Institute PSD INRIA Sophia Antipolis $5,000 2013
Combining ultrafast X-ray diffraction and optical spectroscopy to study lightactivated functions in materials and biological systems Keith Moffat Biochemistry & Molecular Biology BSD Eric Collet Universit_ de Rennes $18,000 2012
Development of innate lymphoid cells Barbara Kee Pathology BSD James Di Santo Institut Pasteur $4,000 2012
The epigenetic role of the nuclear membrane Elizabeth McNally Medicine, Human Genetics BSD INSERM, CNRS $5,000 2012
Erin Adams Biochemistry & Molecular Biology BSD Marc Bonneville CNRS, Universit_ de Nantes $2,000 2012
Imaging biomarkers in cerebrovascular malformations Issam Awad Surgery, Neurology, Cancer Center BSD Pierre Labauge, Nicolas Menjot de Champfleur $12,000 2012
Global analysis of long distance signaling components of stress responses in Arabidopsis Jocelyn Malamy BSD Sylvie Dinant INRA Versailles $8,000 2012
Relationship of early mobilization and pain in the Intensive Care Unit John Kress Medicine BSD Samir Jaber Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Montpellier $7,500 2012
Mechanical stretch induced microparticles formation by lung endothelial cells Konstantin Birukov Medicine BSD Chantal Boulanger INSERM $9,000 2012
Testing prediction as a design principle in the retina Stephanie Palmer Organismal Biology & Anatomy BSD Olivier Marre Universit_ Paris VI $14,000 2012
Generation and turbulent amplification of cosmological magnetic fields in laser-driven experiments Don Lamb Astronomy & Astrophysics, Enrico Fermi Institute PSD Alessandra Ravasio CNRS, CEA, Universit_ Paris VI, Ecole Polytechnique $13,000 2012
Controlled VM placement in Infrastructure clouds Katarzyna Keahey PSD Fr_d_ric Desprez ENS Lyon, INRIA $2,000 2012
Establishing a laboratory curriculum in Astronomy and Physics for undergraduate students of University of Chicago and Universit_ Paris Diderot, Paris 7 Paolo Privitera Astronomy & Astrophysics, Physics PSD Thomas Condreau Universit_ Paris Diderot, Paris 7 $16,000 2012
Seeding a Franco-Chicago collaboration in exascale storage for computational science Rob Ross Computation Institute PSD Gabriel Antoniu INRIA $10,000 2012
Studies of diffuse gas and cosmic rays near the Galactic center Takeshi Oka Astronomy & Astrophysics, Chemistry PSD Maryvonne Gerin Observatoire de Paris, CNRS, ENS $14,000 2012
Accurate estimation of protein-ligand binding constants from computer simulations Benoit Roux Biochemistry & Molecular Biology BSD Christophe Chipot CNRS, Universit_ Henri Poincar_ Nancy $15,500 2011
Cholesterol metabolism as target for cancer therapies Ralph Weichselbaum Oncology BSD Marc Poirot INSERM, Institut Claudius Regaud $12,000 2011
Exotic quantum states of atoms at nano-kelvin temperature Cheng Chin, Kathryn Levin Physics, James Franck Institute PSD Christophe Salomon ENS Paris $18,000 2011
Support for undergraduate attendance and organizing for workshops on Psec timing in France and Chicago Henry Frisch Physics, Enrico Fermi Institute PSD Universit_ Pierre et Marie Curie, CNRS $20,000 2011
Probing dark energy with type ia supernovae Josh Frieman Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD Julien Guy CNRS-IN2P3, Universit_s de Paris VI and VII $8,000 2011
A new proxy to trace redox conditions in the Earth Nicolas Dauphas Geophysical Sciences PSD Janne Blichert-Toft, Mathieu Roskosz CNRS, UST Lille, ENS Lyon $5,000 2011
Modulation of the mechanics and motor control of feeding behavior of small primates Callum Ross Organismal Biology and Anatomy BSD Anthony Herrel CNRS, MNHN $15,500 2010
Membrane dynamics and trafficking of Alzheimer's disease amyloid precursor protein and beta-secretase Gopal Thinakaran Neurobiology BSD Marie-Claude Potier Centre de Recherche de l'ICM, Paris $8,000 2010
The genetic basis for fine-scale recombination rate variation in mice and humans Molly Przeworski Human Genetics, Ecology & Evolution BSD Bernard De Massy CNRS $15,000 2010
Harnessing endogenous neuroprotection with erythropoietin Steven Roth Anesthesia and Critical Care BSD Myriam Bernaudin CERVOxy, CYCERON- Caen $12,000 2010
Viral defense pathways in human autoimmunity Timothy Niewold Medicine, Rheumatology BSD Mustapha Si-Tahar Institut Pasteur $5,000 2010
Development of asymmetric Diels-Alder catalysts for synthesis of densely functionalized molecules Hisashi Yamamoto Chemistry PSD St_phane Quideau Universit_ de Bordeaux $5,000 2010
Probing dark energy with type Ia supernovae Joshua Frieman Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD Julien Guy Universit_s Paris VI et VII $10,000 2010
Isotopic anomalies in meteorites and calibration of iron isotope oxybarometry Nicolas Dauphas Geophysical Sciences PSD Mathieu Roskosz Universit_ de Lille $5,000 2010
Development of a novel detection technique for ultra-high energy cosmic rays Paolo Privitera Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD Tiina Suomijarvi Universit_ de Paris XI, IPN Orsay $15,000 2010
Evolution of retinoic acid signaling in deuterostomes Christopher Lowe Organismal Biology & Anatomy BSD Michael Schubert ENS Lyon, CNRS $10,000 2009
Brain mechanisms of learning and memory David Freedman Neurobiology BSD Guilhem Ibos Centre de Neuroscience Cognitive, Lyon $5,000 2009
Plant organelle targeting by bacterial effectors Jean Greenberg Molecular Genetics BSD Nemo Peeters INRA $10,000 2009
Paul Sereno Anatomy BSD Ronan Allain Museum national d'histoire naturelle $9,000 2009
The Structural basis of actin bundle selection by myosin X Ronald Rock Biochemistry & Molecular Biology BSD Anne Houdusse Institut Curie $7,500 2009
The mystery of hidden QSOs and hidden galaxies Don York Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD C_line P_roux CNRS, Observatoire Astronomique de Marseille $10,000 2009
Development of asymmetric Diels-Alder catalysts for synthesis of densely functionalized molecules Hisashi Yamamoto Chemistry PSD St_phane Quideau Universit_ de Bordeaux $10,000 2009
Stochastic geometry in physics Ilya Gruzberg & Paul Wiegmann Physics, James Franck Institute PSD Denis Bernard & Michel Bauer CNRS, ENS Paris, Saclay $18,000 2009
History of cosmic rays: 1911 to 1953 James Cronin Astronomy & Astrophysics PSD Pierre Binetruy Universit_ de Paris VII $10,000 2009
Fossil isotopes in meteorites and redox-controlled kinetic isotope fractionation in melts Nicolas Dauphas Geophysical Sciences, Enrico Fermi Institute PSD Marc Chassidon, Bernard Marty, Mathieu Roskosz CNRS, ENS, Universit_ des Sciences et Technologies de Lille $10,407 2009
An Integrated analysis of early lymphopoiesis Barbara Kee Pathology BSD Ana Cumano Institut Pasteur, INSERM $8,000 2008
Genetic studies of complex traits in large genealogies Carole Ober Human Genetics BSD INSERM, Universit_ Paris-Sud $8,000 2008
Evolutionary impacts of human subsistence modes in Central Africa Molly Przeworski Human Genetics BSD Luis Quintana-Murci Institut Pasteur $15,000 2008
Cross-linguistic study of aphasia treatment Steven Small Neurology BSD INSERM $10,000 2008
The roles of anthrax secretome on anthrax pathogenesis Wei-Jen Tang Cancer Research BSD Institut Pasteur $6,600 2008
Ethical principles in neonatology in Europe and North America William Meadow Pediatrics BSD V_ronique Fournier $7,000 2008
Charge transport and photoconductivity in III-V nanocrystal solids Dmitri Talapin Chemistry PSD Peter Reiss CEA Grenoble $10,000 2008
Coherent diffraction "lens-less" imaging Eric Isaacs Physics PSD Virginie Chamard Universit_ Paul C_zanne Aix-Marseille $5,000 2008
Development of ultra-precise time-of-flight measurements for particle physics and medical imaging Henry Frisch, Chin-Tu Chen Radiology, Physics PSD Patrick Le Du, Christophe Royon DAPNIA, CEA Saclay $10,000 2008
Probes of stellar nucleosynthesis in the laboratory Nicolas Dauphas Geophysical Sciences PSD Marty Bernard ENSG, ENS-Lyon $9,607 2008
Project Title Chicago P.I Department Lab or Division Key Individual in France Institution in France Amount of Award Year


*This program is administered by the France Chicago Center (FCC), and is made possible with the generous financial support of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and inovation; the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research; The Division of Biological Sciences; the Division of the Physical Sciences; The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering; the Office of Science and Technology at the Embassy of France in the United States; Argonne National Laboratory; Fermilab Accelerator National Laboratory; and FCC’s Support Council in the Sciences (Confrères).