Our Mission

The France Chicago Center (FCC) is a University of Chicago-based interdisciplinary organization with a two-fold mission of: (1) facilitating, promoting, and fostering stronger ties between University of Chicago students and researchers and their colleagues in France, and (2) increasing awareness within the University of Chicago community of French culture, art, and thought. To this end, FCC sponsors a range of programs including conferences, workshops, public lectures, visiting professors, fellowships, travel grants & fellowships, exchange programs and various cultural, scientific, and outreach activities.

The France Chicago Center was created in April of 2001 when various individuals, corporations, and private foundations came together to match a one million-dollar grant from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Revenue from the resulting endowment fund (currently valued at about $3 million) combined with generous annual support from individual and foundation sponsors, timely grants from various French Ministries, and annual support from divisions and schools within the University of Chicago provide the resources necessary for the French Chicago Center to pursue its ambitious mission.