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The France Chicago Collection

For the past 6 years FCC has collaborated with the University of Chicago Press to help bring seminal works of French literature and thought to an English-speaking public. Based on this success, FCC and the University of Chicago Press announced in 2021 the creation of a new “France Chicago Collection,” a series of at least five books to be published over the next 5 years. We are thrilled to announced the first book in the collection, Thinking Out of Sight: Writings on the Art of the Visible, by Jacques Derrida, featured below.

Thinking Out of Sight: Writings on the Art of the Visible

Edited by Ginette Michaud, Joana Masó, and Javier Bassas. With New Translations by Laurent Milesi

Jacques Derrida remains a leading voice of philosophy, his works still resonating today—and for more than three decades, one of the main sites of Derridean deconstruction has been the arts. Collecting nineteen texts spanning from 1979 to 2004, Thinking out of Sight brings to light Derrida’s most inventive ideas about the making of visual artworks. With many texts appearing for the first time in English, Thinking out of Sight helps us better understand the critique of representation and visibility throughout Derrida’s work, and, most importantly, to assess the significance of his insights about art and its commentary.

The inaugural selection of the FCC collection. Published Fall 2020. Click here to learn more. 

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