Joint Research Supported Through the FACCTS Program

Project TitleChicago PIDepartmentLab or DivisionKey Individual in FranceInstitution in FranceAmount of AwardYear
Joint Research on the Novel Quantum Materials in the Gaseous PhaseCheng ChinPysics, James Franck InstitutePSDJean DalibardCollège de France$24 0002018
Random Monoallelic Inactivation and Human Autosomal Dominant Diseases*Marcelo NobregaHuman GeneticsBSDEdith HeardCollège de France$15 0002018
Evolution-based Engineering of Protein FunctionRama Ranganathan Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyBSDOlivier Rivoire Collège de France$15 0002020
Open Quantum Systems Dynamics in Noisy-Intermediate-Scale Quantum SystemsAashish ClerkPMEPMEMarco SchiroCollège de France$30 0002023
Dynamic Coupling of Adhesion and Contractility during MorphogeneisEdwin MunroMolecular Genetics & Cell BiologyBSDThomas LecuitCollège de France$22 5002023
Evolution of the Human Skull: Exploring Gracilization and Robusticity of the Lower Jaw in Humans and Chimpanzees*Zewdi TsegaiOrganismal Biology & AnatomayBSDSélim NatahiCollège de France$25 0002023