Humanities and Social Sciences Proposal

Before applying, please look at this page, which provides information on funding parameters, application deadlines and response times, selection criteria, and other guidelines.



Humanities and Social Sciences Proposal
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A summary of your project not to exceed 75 words (500 characters).
Amount requested from the France Chicago Center. (The amount of the request should be consistent with the guidelines stated at the top of this page.)
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In a document of no more than two pages, please describe of the project, indicating (where applicable) its nature, purpose, intellectual rationale, intended public, potential impact, and (if not self-evident) its link with France and/or "things French.” This document should end with schematic budget (no more than a half a page) summarizing anticipated expenditures and sources/amounts of estimated/ anticipated financial support.
Supporting Files

Maximum file size: 52.22MB

For example: CV of invited scholar, conference schedule, detailed budget. If you wish to upload multiple files, please either combine them into a single pdf document, or compress them (zip, etc) before uploading.
Is there anything else that you would like the committee to know as they evaluate this proposal? Not to exceed 75 words (500 characters).

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