Funding, Criteria, & Guidelines

Funding Parameters/Application Deadlines/Timeframes for Response: 

  • Requests for up to $1000 are considered on a rolling basis and may be submitted at any time. Responses are normally given within a week.
  • Requests for between $1000 and $2500—as well as requests for up to $7500 by UChicago faculty leading IRC-Discovery affiliated collaborations—are considered four times per year, during the second week of each academic quarter, and should be submitted on or before the first Wednesday of the quarter. Responses are normally given no later than Monday of the third week of the quarter.
  • Requests for between $2500 and $7500 for (non-IRC Discovery) Chicago-based initiatives are considered once a year, and should be submitted on or before April 21 of the academic year prior to the year during which the initiative will take place. Responses are normally given within a month of that date. Regardless of the timing of the request, $2500 is the maximum amount FCC will provide to support a project based at the University of Chicago Center in Paris.

Selection Criteria: 

  • FCC directors evaluate each application according to: 1) the extent to which the project aligns with the center’s two-fold mission,* 2) the project’s potential benefit to UChicago and/or the broader community, 3) the visibility and potential impact of the project, and 4) the levels of intellectual and financial support the project enjoys within various UChicago units and/or outside communities.
  • FCC seeks to help a broad range of partners develop productive relationships with French colleagues and institutions.  For this reason, when choosing between similarly ranked projects, FCC directors may use “past FCC funding” as a secondary criterion, giving preference to first-time applicants and to individuals whose initiatives have not recently (within the last 2 years) received FCC support.

Additional Guidelines:

When formulating a proposal, please keep in mind:

  • FCC funding may not be used to support travel costs incurred by UChicago faculty members.
  • In general, FCC support for any given projet will not exceed 50% of the total cost of the project.
  • While FCC-sponsored initiatives normally take place on the University’s Chicago campus, proposals for projects based at the University of Chicago Center in Paris will also be considered—providing that the travel guidelines are respected, and with the understanding that FCC support will not exceed $2500.
  • With the exception of a special arrangement with the University of Chicago Press, FCC does not support publication costs or translation costs for publication purposes. FCC funding may however be used to support translations used to facilitate communication at FCC-sponsored colloquia.

* France Chicago Center’s mission is to facilitate, promote, and foster stronger ties between University of Chicago students and researchers and their colleagues in France, while increasing awareness within the University of Chicago community of French culture, art, and thought.