The Art of Intervention: Diplomacy and Deployment after Iraq | France Chicago Center

The Art of Intervention: Diplomacy and Deployment after Iraq

November 14, 2014
1 hour 38 minutes 
Mandel Hall, University of Chicago

Program Overview

Dominique de Villepin is the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Prime Minister of France. In 2003, Mr. de Villepin gave a historic speech at the United Nations Security Council, voicing France’s opposition to the United States’ military intervention in Iraq. Mr. de Villepin has remained a prominent voice on foreign intervention and its alternatives. Drawing from his exceptional knowlege and experience, Mr. de Villepin presents an in-depth analysis of international crises facing the world today. A moderated question and answer discussion with the audience will follow the talk.

About Dominique de Villepin

Dominique de Villepin is a French diplomat, a politician, and a writer who served as the interior minister and prime minister in the neo-Gaullist administration of President Jacques Chirac. While a French foreign minister, he led the opposition to the war in Iraq. In 2014, he advocated the Palestinian cause of Israel-Gaza conflict. Today, while counseling the Qatar Investment Authority, he is also the president of the advisory board of the Sino-Russo-American bond credit rating agency, Universal Credit Rating Group, as well as an international advisor of China Minsheng. 

Discussion Questions

1.   What do you think about Villepin’s comment on the western interventions being more dangerous rather than helpful?

2.   Which states and parties were key factors in causing the situation that exists today in Iraq and Syria?

3.   How has international law been broken? How has it affected non-western countries and their aspect on responsibility?

4.   How and why has democracy become a problem in today’s society? How is it constantly contributing to crisis around the world?

5.   What are some options Villepin proposes democratic countries could use as a better way of intervening? How would democratic diplomacy ameliorate the western intervention?

6.   Why is regional dialogue and cooperation so important in improving diplomatic democracy? How does it directly affect Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and Asia?

7.   What are some examples of a new global governance?

Online Resources for More Information

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