Internship Support

The France Chicago Center works with various University partners to help make it possible for UChicago students to conduct summer interships through the following programs.

Summer Internships for Students at the Harris School of Public Policy: FCC provides $4000 awards to up to two (2) Harris School students who are accepted into summer intership positions in France. Contact Adam Heeg, Director or Career Development at the Harris School of Public Policy, for more information.

Summer Internships for Students in the College: FCC provides supplemental support in the amount of $1000—above and beyond the amount ($5000) provided by the University—to up to three (3) students in the College who secure summer interships in France through the IOP/Metcalf Program. For more information, contact Karnika Iyengar, Associate Director of Internship Programs at the Institute of Politics.

Graduate Students in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Divinity School: FCC provides supplemental support in amounts ranging from $1000-$2000—above and beyond support provided by UChicagoGRAD ($4000)—to graduate students in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Divinity School who successfully secure summer internships in France through UChicagoGRAD's GRAD Global Impact Internship Program. For more information, contact Mike Tessel, Director of Graduate Career Development and Employer Relations at UChicagoGRAD.

School of Social Service Administration (SSA) Summer Internship Travel Grant: FCC provides a $4000 travel grant to one (1) SSA student who secures a summer internship in France. Applications are due on March 10, 2017. Contact Cristina Gros for more information.