Events / JAZZ BRIDGE: Cancel Rescue Mission

JAZZ BRIDGE: Cancel Rescue Mission

November 12, 2023
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Bridge is a dynamic network for exchange, production, and diffusion that promotes and facilitates collaboration between French and American creative musicians. It also encourages meetings, fosters growth of professional and artistic relationships between these musicians, provides a context in which they can develop and flourish. In other words, the Bridge gives creative musicians the times and spaces they need to connect and reconnect-on both sides of the Atlantic-in order to deepen their exchange.

Cancel Rescue Mission Corey Wilkes – trumpet, electronics Quentin Biardeau – tenor sax, synths Justin Dillard – keys, vocals Etienne Ziemniak – drums Jazz at its peril, with its balancing acts and magic tricks, between the expanses that are crisscrossed and the depths that are explored. Music for surveyors and speleologists, no doubt, music for vulcanologists. Quentin Biardeau and Etienne Ziemniak on one side, Corey Wilkes and Justin Dillard on the other, have attended the best schools: those they have given themselves and where everything is allowed. As well as artist collectives that have taken over what used to be called a scene: the TriCollectif in Orleans or the CapsulCollectif in Tours, the AACM in Chicago. They can be very respectful (they know their history, from Guillaume de Machaut to Ornette Coleman, and from nu soul to Malagasy Tsapiky), they can be very irreverent (they forbid themselves). They take malicious pleasure, following the trail of powder. Expect a few outbreaks.

This is a free event and seats are available on a first-come first-served basis.

The Bridge is supported by Ministère de la Culture, Sacem, Centre National de la Musique, Spedidam, Adami, Institut Français, Experimental Sound Studio & University of Chicago.