East and West: Traditions of Representation

A transatlantic conference held jointly by
the University of Chicago and the Collège de France
December 4-5, 2015, at the Neubauer Collegium, University of Chicago
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Friday, December 4, 2015

9:45-10:00      Words of Welcome
Eric Isaacs,
Provost of the University of Chicago

10:00-12:00    Ancient Figurations
Michèle Lowrie, “The Egyptian Within: A Roman Figuration of Civil War”.
Clifford Ando, “Imperial epistemics, imperial practice:  Roman knowings of objects of rule”
John Scheid, “La philosophie idéaliste et la religion romaine au début du XIXe siècle”
Richard Payne, “Iran and Turan: Reimagining Central and East Asia in Late Antiquity”
Demetra Kasimis, Political Science (Chair)

12:00-1:30      Lunch

1:30-3:15         Language and Literature
Michael Bourdaghs, “Two Japanese Novelists:  Sōseki and Tōson”
Jean-Noël Robert, “La découverte des langues de l'Asie Orientale”
James Chandler, “The Opium Connection”
Cécile Fromont, Art History (Chair)

3:15-3:45        Coffee Break

3:45-5:30       Orientalism and Occidentalism
Pierre Briant, “Alexandre le Grand et la ‘Question d’Orient’”
Jennifer Pitts, “ ‘Oriental despotism’ and the eighteenth-century law of nations”
Henry Laurens, “Orientalisme et occidentalisme, la question du comparatisme dans les rapports entre l Europe et le monde ottoman XVIIIe XIXe siècles”
Hakan Karateke, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (Chair)

5:30-6:30        Reception

Saturday, December 5, 2015

10:00-12:00    China: Conceptual and Other Frontiers
Haun Saussy, “Two Ming-Dynasty Thinkers of Historical Discontinuity, and Their Purposes: Li Zhi and Matteo Ricci”
Anne Cheng, “Les tribulations du “confucianisme” dans les représentations et catégorisations européennes du 17e au 19e siècles” / “The shifting status of ‘Confucianism’ in 17th to 19th century European representations and categorizations”
Pierre-Etienne Will: “Les visions du système administratif chinois en Europe aux 17e-19e siècles” / “European views on the Chinese administrative system, 17th-19th centuries”
Kenneth Pomeranz: “Where and how could a ‘good subject’ live?  Rethinking occupations and loyalties on Qing frontiers, ca 1680-1850”
Ariel Fox, East Asian Languages and Civilizations (Chair)