ANL Pre-Proposal Information & Application

Argonne National Laboratory scientists who seek support for research conducted collaboratively with a laboratory in France and who wish to be considered for seed-funding support* are invited to submit a pre-proposal on or before October 21, 2020. Responses will be given by November 9, 2020, and up to five (5) pre-proposal applicants will be invited to prepare and submit a full FACCTS application on or before December 14, 2020. At least one ANL project will be selected to receive funding through the LDRD Program.

While projects in all areas will be considered, applications are particularly encouraged in areas that align with Argonne's strategic areas, which include:

  • Advanced Computing
  • Biology and Environmental Science Capability Development
  • Energy Manufacturing Sciences and Engineering
  • Hard X-ray Sciences
  • Materials and Chemistry
  • Quantum Information Sciences
  • AI + Science
  • Universe as the Lab (ULab)

*Funding is limited to $20,000/year for up to two years.

Please contact Dan Bertsche (, 773-702-3662) with any questions. This same information is available in flier format on this page.