Guidelines & Supplemental Information (Please Read before Applying)

Application Deadline:        
The deadline for submitting an application in any given year is the 4th Monday of April. For applications seeking travel grant support during the summer of 2016, and fellowship tenure during the 2016-17 academic year, the deadline is April 24, 2017.

These three opportunities are open to students of the University of Chicago who will retain their student status at the University for at least one quarter after their return. Further eligibility criteria are described below.

• The François Furet Travel Grant competition is open to graduate students in the Divisions of the Humanities and the Social Sciences, to students in the professional schools, and to students in the College who are able to demonstrate—either through course work or through placement exams—proficiency in French at the 20200 level or higher. There is no minimum language requirement for graduate or professional-school students.

• The Sciences Po Exchange Fellowship competition is open to PhD students in disciplines taught at the host institution (History, Political Sciences, Law, Economics, Sociology, etc.) and whose dissertation research would benefit substantially from the resources of the Institut d’Études Politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris.

• The EHESS Exchange Fellowship competition is open to PhD candidates in the Division of the Social Sciences whose dissertation projects require them to study and conduct research in Paris, and who would benefit substantially from the resources of the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales.

Multiple Award Boxes:      
Students may apply for more than one award by checking multiple boxes on the application form. No duplication of other documentation is required. The committee will first select the Science Po and EHESS fellowship recipients, followed by the François Furet Travel Grant recipients. In this way, those applying for more than one award will not jeopardize their status vis-à-vis a larger award by requesting to be considered for a smaller award. The committee will not offer two different awards to a single applicant in a given year.

Geographical Restrictions:           
Sciences Po and EHESS exchange fellows are expected to be based in Paris during their fellowship tenure, and to participate in the intellectual life of the host institution. François Furet Travel Grant recipients must either conduct their research or pursue intensive language-study in France or in one of France's overseas departments or territories.

Letter of Recommendation:
It is the responsibility of each applicant to convey to her or his recommender both the deadline and the various ways that letters may be submitted. All letters must be received by April 27, 2017. Recommenders may submit their letters in electronic or hard-copy form. If submitted electronically, letters should be in PDF format, attached to an email addressed to; and should include “Recommendation for [name of student]” in the subject line. If submitted by hard copy, letters may be sent by faculty exchange to “Daniel Bertsche / SSRB, Box 10,” or hand-delivered to Gates-Blake Hall #513, where they may be slid under the door or delivered through the mail slot.

All applicants for the Sciences Po and EHESS Exchange Fellowships will be interviewed by a faculty committee. Interviews will be conducted during the second week in May. Each interview will be 15 minutes in length, and may be conducted by Skype if it would constitute a hardship for the candidate to interview in person. Applications for the François Furet Travel Grant will be evaluated without an interview.

Notification of Award:       
All applicants will receive preliminary notification of the status of their application by e-mail no later than the third Wednesday of May.

Reporting Requirements:  
Recipients of all awards are expected to submit a short final report to the France Chicago Center within one month of their return to the United States along with an electronic copy of the airline receipt. You will receive more information on this requirement by email once you return.

More Information:  
For more information about the François Furet Travel Grant or the Sciences Po Exchange Fellowship, contact Dan Bertsche at the France Chicago Center ( For more information about the EHESS Exchange Fellowship, please contact Kelly Pollock in the Office of the Dean of Students in the Division of the Social Sciences (